Featured Artist Matte Hanna – May 2017

Photography has been a passion of mine since I picked up a camera in high school and found creative freedom in the classroom. I absolutely love the progression of photography. While I am fascinated by technology and the digital age which allows me to explore and push new limits in photography, I still love the aesthetic feel of film and what it brings to the experience of taking a photo.

I happily studied at both SUNY New Paltz, and University of Oregon, graduating with an art degree in film and motion graphics.

I love working outdoors. I typically spend my time exploring the beauty of Oregon with my puppy, Beck looking for locations of inspiration to manipulate light using digital and 120mm film cameras.

A  schedule of art classes will be available and can be picked up at the gallery or noted on the gallery Facebook page or website.

Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio is located at 125 Chicago Ave., S.E., Bandon.

The gallery is open seven days a week 11am -5pm.



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