Valorie Meeuwsen

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After growing up on the southern Oregon coast, Valorie Meeuwsen attended Oregon College of Education, where she majored in elementary education and minored in art.

She took every ceramics class available to her at OCE.

In 1973, Valorie and her husband moved to a small community near Roseburg, Oregon, where they both taught school for thirty years. They preferred to live a rural life and wanted their two daughters to have the experience of country living, knowing the girls would probably live in the city as adults.

Between 1975 and 2004, Valorie used the basement of their family home as a pottery studio. She used low fire clay to hand build her creations. She did not use a potter’s wheel, instead all pieces were made with either coils or slabs of clay. Some pieces were glazed, but many were stained, as she liked the way the stain added character and depth, and accented the texture of her work. Valorie preferred irregular shapes and earthy colors and wanted her art to look old or used.

In 2004, Valorie and her husband moved to Langlois, Oregon, where they reside on the only remaining piece of property originally owned by her great grandparents. Here she spends time in her studio creating her pottery and sculptures. She has sold pieces privately and at craft fairs. Her work can now be seen at Art by the Sea Gallery in Bandon, Oregon.

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